Peter Kurie In Chocolate We Trust

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In Chocolate We Trust takes readers inside modern-day , Pennsylvania, headquarters of the iconic brand. A destination for chocolate enthusiasts since the early 1900s, has transformed from a model industrial town into a multifaceted suburbia powered by philanthropy. At its heart lies the Milton chool Trust, a charitable trust with a mandate to serve «social orphans» and a $12 billion endowment amassed from Company profits. The trust is a longstanding source of pride for people who call home and revere its benevolent capitalist founder—but in recent years it has become a subject of controversy and intrigue. Using interviews, participant observation, and archival research, anthropologist Peter Kurie returns to his hometown to examine the legacy of the Trust among local residents, company employees, and alumni of the K-12 Milton chool. He arrives just as a scandal erupts that raises questions about the outsized power of the private trust over public life. Kurie draws on diverse voices across the community to show how philanthropy stirs passions and interests well beyond intended beneficiaries. In Chocolate We Trust reveals the cultural significance of as a forerunner to socially conscious corporations and the cult of the entrepreneur-philanthropist. The story encapsulates the dreams and wishes of today's consumer-citizens: the dream of becoming personally successful, and the wish that the most affluent among us will serve the common good.

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Robert L. All the Math You Need to Get Rich

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Written in a lighthearted and humorous style, this comprehensive guide is ideal for the general reader with little math experience who wants to understand the concepts underlying everyday financial decisions. Organized for easy reference, this book provides the necessary tools to make informed decisions about investments, mortgages, insurance, cash flow, and risk-taking."As Robert L. points out in his new book, 'All the Math You Need to Get Rich: Thinking With Numbers for Financial uccess' . . . none of us can afford to maintain a phobia about math.". . . I highly recommend 's book because he uses examples . . . to walk you through the many different mathematical equations you'll need to understand such concepts as percentages, the time value of money, and compound interest." . . . As says, 'Thinking with numbers helps you to plan ahead, so you'll have money now and money later, too.'"—Michelle ingletary, Washington Post, February 10, 2002

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Творческий коллектив шоу «Сергей Стиллавин и его друзья» 's

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The Company – крупнейший производитель шоколадных батончиков в Северной Америке. Основана Милтоном Хёрши в 1894 году. В 1905 году в городе Дерри Черч начался выпуск молочного шоколада. Фабрику в Дерри Хёрши окружил целым городом, названным его именем. В 1909 году Милтоном Хёрши была открыта промышленная школа…

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НЕРА-фильтр FILTERO FTH 32, 1 шт., для пылесосов MIELE: 4000, 4999, 5000, 5999, 6000, 6999, 8000, 8999

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количество (шт): 1; назначение: для пылесосов MIELE: 4000, 4999, 5000, 5999, 6000, 6999, 8000, 8999

Издательство Альфа Книга

Пылесборник Miele G/N

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Printio Гобелен 180х145 `s`s-0.w

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Гобелен 180х145.

Выписать Книги Через Интернет По Почте

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