Falla T., Davies P. Student s Book

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Clinique Black Head Set

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Набор для лица против черных точек Black Head .
Состав набора:
Скраб Blackhead 7 Day Deep Pore Cleanse and Scrub,30 мл
Разогревающее средство Blackhead Self-Heating Blackhead Extractor, 7 мл

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Эванс Вирджиния, Дули Дженни Enterprise 2. . Student's CD

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Аудиоприложение к учебному курсу Enterprise 2. для занятий дома.

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Evans Virginia, Dooley Jenny Upstream A2. Student's Audio (CD)

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Аудиоприложение к учебному курсу Upstream A2 для работы дома.

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Evans Virginia, Dooley Jenny Access 2. Grammar Book. . Грамматический справочник

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Access 2 Grammar gives students at level clear explanations and practice of English Grammar.

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Evans V. Enterprise 2. Test Booklet. . Сборник тестовых заданий и упражнений

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Enterprise 2 - Test Booklet contains nine write-in tests which aim to assess students progress throughout the...

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François Auger Signal Processing with Free Software. Practical Experiments

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An ideal resource for students, industrial engineers, and researchers, Signal Processing with Free Software Practical Experiments presents practical experiments in signal processing using free software. The text introduces elementary signals through elementary waveform, signal storage files and elementary operations on signals and then presents the first tools to signal analysis such as temporal and frequency characteristics leading to Time-frequency analysis. Non-parametric spectral analysis is also discussed as well as signal processing through sampling, resampling, quantification, and analog and digital filtering. Table of Contents: 1. Generation of Signals. Generation of Waveform. – Operations on the Signals. – Format of Signal Storage Files. 2. First tools of Signal Analysis. Measurement of Temporal and Frequency Characteristics of a Signal. Time-Frequency Analysis of a Signal. 3. Non-parametric Spectral Analysis. 4. Signal Processing. Sampling. – Resampling. – Quantification. – “Analog” Filtering. Digital Filtering

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Marty Lewinter Number Theory with Programming

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A highly successful presentation of the fundamental concepts of number theory and computer programming Bridging an existing gap between mathematics and programming, Number Theory with Programming provides a unique introduction to elementary number theory with fundamental coverage of computer programming. Written by highly-qualified experts in the fields of computer science and mathematics, the book features accessible coverage for readers with various levels of experience and explores number theory in the context of programming without relying on advanced prerequisite knowledge and concepts in either area. Number Theory with Programming features comprehensive coverage of the methodology and applications of the most well-known theorems, problems, and concepts in number theory. Using standard mathematical applications within the programming field, the book presents modular arithmetic and prime decomposition, which are the basis of the public-private key system of cryptography. In addition, the book includes: Numerous examples, exercises, and research challenges in each chapter to encourage readers to work through the discussed concepts and ideas Select solutions to the chapter exercises in an appendix Plentiful sample computer programs to aid comprehension of the presented material for readers who have either never done any programming or need to improve their existing skill set A related website with links to select exercises An Instructor’s Manual available on a companion website Number Theory with Programming is a useful textbook for undergraduate and graduate-level students majoring in mathematics or computer science, as well as an excellent supplement for teachers and students who would like to better understand and appreciate number theory and computer programming. The book is also an ideal reference for computer scientists, programmers, and researchers interested in the mathematical applications of programming.

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Красавица и чудовище

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Издательство АСТ Английские сказки:

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Характеристики: ∙ мягкая обложка ∙ количество страниц: 320 ∙ иллюстрации: отсутствуют ∙ издательство АСТ ∙ серия: Карманное чтение на английском языке Сборник знаменитых английских сказок, в которых есть великаны, короли, эльфы и простые люди, составлен для начинающих изучать язык (уровень ), на страницах присутствуют поясняющие сложные места сноски, а в конце - небольшой словарь.

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Лента светодиодная Gauss LED 356000310

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Лента светодиодная Gauss LED 355000305

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Лента светодиодная Gauss LED 355000307

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Лента светодиодная Gauss LED 356000307

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Лента светодиодная Gauss LED 355000705

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Vince Michael Language Practice. English Grammar and Vocabulary. With key (+CD)

Цена: 4124 руб.


Language Practice is the reference and practice book for students at elementary / A2 level. Now in full colour, this new edition retains all the original futures which make the Language Practice series so popular, including clear grammar explanations, plenty of practice and regular review units. Themed vocabulary units contextualize essential elementary level words and phrases, offering a variety of exercise types to help students understand and use the new vocabulary. The accompanying CD-ROM includes extra practice for all the units covered in the book, with exercises based on international computer-based test types. The test generator includes 1,000 items to test students on all areas covered by the book. Ideal for students preparing to take elementary level examinations, it can be used both in the classroom and for self-study. 3rd edition.

Вэйчжи Х. Business chinese conversation. (I часть)

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Лента светодиодная Gauss LED 356000314

Цена: 1099 руб.